Frequently Asked Questions

What is Field Editions?

Field Editions is a consortium set up for the commissioning, production and sale of fund-raising contemporary photographic limited editions.

Where do the proceeds for sales of Field Editions prints go?

All sales proceeds go towards helping to support the vital work of Impressions Gallery, Bradford; Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool and Redeye, the Photography Network, Manchester. These three non-profit organisations work tirelessly to support the next generation of talent in contemporary photography art in the north of England.

What is a limited edition print?

Limited edition print is a series, or ‘run’ of prints that have been produced by the artist either in their studio, or in liaison with a specialist printer. Images are selected from the artist’s body of work and once printing has been completed, each individual copy is checked, numbered and personally authenticated by artist signature.

They are called ‘limited editions’ as the run number is finite – and once sold out, absolutely no further copies are available. Field Editions’ runs are between 3 and 100 in size, with most at about 30.

As a rule of thumb, the smaller the edition run, the higher the value of each individual print.

How do artworks get shipped to buyers?

Field Editions ships works to Europe, USA and the Rest of World using international couriers such as FedEx. Works are flat-packed in strong card by experienced art-handlers and once dispatched arrive within approximately 36 hours.

Shipping within the UK is by Royal Mail and costs £12

To Europe is via FedEx, charged at £50

To the USA/rest of world by FedEx at £60.

For enquiries or special assistance with shipping please email us at  

Please allow up to 21 days for arrival of overseas orders from time of your on-line purchase.

Can I re-sell my print?

As per our Terms and Conditions, we request that buyers purchase prints for their own personal enjoyment and not for the purpose of immediate resale – particularly on electronic sites. All works have been generously donated by each artist for a philanthropic purpose, a factor which enables us to keep prices affordable. We hope that our buyers will respect the ethos and spirit of the project and derive many years of pleasure from ownership of their print.

Can any photographer create an edition with Field Editions?

Prints are created for Field Editions by special invitation from the Directors of Impressions Gallery; Open Eye Gallery or Redeye Photography Network. Most prints have been created and donated by alumni:  photographers who have worked with one or more of the three partner organisations. Artists working with Field are photographers who have strong links with the north of England, or whose work is in some way related to the north.

Do you have to be an experienced collector to acquire prints from Field Editions?

Anyone can acquire prints from Field Editions and many first–time buyers find them to be an accessible, affordable way of starting up an art collection

Why does the price of prints increase as they start to sell out?

It is traditional with the sale of limited edition prints, for a price increases as each starts to sell out. For example: the first 15 copies may be sold at a special launch-price; the next 15 copies would be priced 10% higher and the last few might go up in price by a further 20% or more.

Are print buyers provided with framing and conservation advice for their purchased artwork?

Staff at Field Editions can advise about artwork conservation and museum standard framing, very often recommending and providing contact details of high-quality framers in the UK and overseas.