Eva Stenram

Lives & works: London, UK

Eva Stenram was born in Stockholm, Sweden and studied at the Royal College of Art and The Slade School in London. Her photographic practice combines use of both analogue and digital methods, often applied to found imagery or objects which are used to investigate the act of ‘viewing or consumerism’. All kinds of found imagery are scanned, re-photographed or reconfigured and source material transformed and hybridised in unsettling ways, resulting in modified imagery that transcends cultural and temporal points of reference.

Each of the unique works that Stenram has generously donated to Field Editions, are images from her 2007 series Per Pulverem Ad Astra, and as such are an opportunity to acquire one of her prints from this earlier body of work. The images are negatives from NASA’s digital images of Mars, which Stenram allowed to gather dust on the floor of her apartment before printing. As Stenram describes, ‘the resulting marked image is a combination of extreme distance and extreme proximity, a simultaneous gravitational pull towards the earth, to the dust around – and by extension, towards death – and a pull upwards, into space, away from the earth, towards the attraction, both physical and fantastical, of Mars’.   (Source images courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Stenram’s solo shows include Per Pulverem Ad Astra, at Pavilion, Leeds (2008); Drape at Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK, touring to Amsterdam and Moscow (2013) and Décor at Peter Lav Gallery, Copenhagen (DK) (2015).

Eva Stenram is currently making new works for her second solo exhibition at the Ravestijn Galley, Amsterdam, which will open 10 September – 22 October, 2016.

Of her many group shows a selection includes Born in 1987: The Animated Gif, at The Photographers’ Gallery, London (2012); The Visible – Contemporary Swedish Photography:, at Artipelag (2013); Something Beautiful, at Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York (2014); The London Open, at Whitechapel Gallery, London (2015) and Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival, public installation programme,, in Toronto (2016).

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