Layla Sailor

Lives & works: Manchester, UK

Photographer Layla Sailor’s work engages with the rapidly changing technology of our time and the way in which the beauty of slowness can sometimes be forgotten. Sailor’s photographic print (Hands) Belonging, 2016, which was specially created for Field Editions, creates a sense of slowing time and of capturing a ‘moment’ through use of precise photographic processes.

In the words of Beir Berthelsen – the founder of The World Institute of Slowness in 1999, ‘The postmodern world has brought us more education and more knowledge, but psychologists tell us that a person’s basic needs are belonging, care and love’.

Through a distorted lens of soft filters and shifting light and by using simple forms as metaphors for people, mental states and behaviours, Sailor allows us to view tiny magical changes so often overlooked, perhaps in homage to the classical oxymoronic adage festina lente or make haste slowly.

After completing a degree in photography at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2005, Layla Sailor continued to combine commercial fashion photography with fine art and film, receiving plaudits at the IPA Awards and Berlin Fashion Film Festival. Sailor was awarded the Grand Prize for Art Takes Paris in 2013.

Her work is inspired by cinema and religious iconography and creates dreamlike, surrealist images that reference traditional crafts, humour, sexuality and politics.

Sailor has exhibited in numerous group and solo-shows, including Manchester Art Gallery, UK. She is currently based in Manchester and works in the UK and internationally.

All proceeds from the sale of this edition go to Redeye, the Photography Network, Manchester, in support of the next generation of photography talent.

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