Tessa Bunney

Lives & works: UK

UK based photographer Tessa Bunney has a particular interest in landscape and the differing ways the land is shaped by human activity. Working closely with communities and individuals, Bunney has spent a quarter century preoccupied by, and photographing her fascination for the intricacies of rural life.
In 2010, her project Home Work was published by Dewi Lewis and was exhibited and published, both nationally and internationally. This included the Land exhibition, as part of the Noorderlicht Festival (2010). Home Work explores the lives of female home-workers in the suburbs and villages in and around Hanoi, Vietnam and in the face of increasing urbanisation.
Previous projects include Hand to Mouth which explores the lives of villagers and nomadic shepherds in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains which was exhibited and published by Impressions Gallery, Bradford in 2007.


Tessa Bunney recently returned to the UK after four years in Lao PDR, working on her project The Corridor of Opportunity, supported by the Arts Council England and undertaking editorial and NGO commissions throughout the SE Asia region. Her series The Women of UCT6 which documents an all-female UXO clearance team in Laos was published in the Financial Times Magazine (UK) and on-line.

Tessa Bunney’s current project FarmerFlorist explores the vibrant local ‘artisan’ cut-flower farms which have recently sprung up in the UK and is a celebration of domestic growers, past and present.


All proceeds from the sale of this edition go to Impressions Gallery, Bradford, in support of the next generation of photography talent.


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