Stacked Cheese

Pat Flynn

Stacked Cheese, 2015
£220 unframed.

Artwork information

C-Type print on 300 gsm paper.
64.4 x 50.8 cm/ 25.7 x 20 inches.
Edition of 75, accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate.

As is traditional in limited edition prints, prices increase as an edition starts to sell out.

Artist Information

Pat Flynn's work draws upon personal history, popular culture and art history. His choice of everyday food-stuff such as cheeses, wittily pays homage to the American minimalist art movement of the 1960s. Flynn's particular working methods and processes involve 3D computer graphics software which replace the function of the camera, as well as complex algorithm systems which help form shapes, texture, light and shadow -  all combine to form a hyperreal, alternative world.

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